The scientific production in the 21st edition

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Pr. Ahmed Sari
Ali Mourad(1930-2017) the unknown Muslim researcher and thinker.


Dr. Noureddine Bouzenacha
El-Hadjadj in the speeches of El-Bachir El-Ibrahimi/ a research in the argumentative texts.


Dr. Elyazid Belamache
The graphic study of the holy Qu'ran for Fadel Salah Samurai and its foundations.


Dr. Belkacem Filali
The didactic programs for the Muvadis.
Dr. Saida Boufaghes.
The approach of Islam in raising women's knowledge and education.
Pr. Issam Kharroubi
Hadith in the language studies and its characteristics.
Pr. Nassim Bougherza.
The conscientious attribution of the interpreters and their impact on the cohesion of the Qur'anic discourse.


Pr. Meriama Laanani.
Book of the history of revolution and punishment of an Andalusian, Kingdom of Granada; "Luis de Marmol Carbakhal" a source of Granada Beni- El Ahmar history.