The scientific production edition n°23

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Dr. Nadia Touhami
The form of «Ifaal„a» in the Arabic language in structures and semantics.

Dr. Kamal Djebbar
Diwan of "poems that has no grammatical role assigned” of Tawfiq Salmi/ a semantic study.


Dr. Ahmed Kamech
Renew the rhetorical lesson for El-Aloui in his book” The embroiderer”
T. Abdellatif Omrani
Verbal pluralism problem in the rhetorical term: its causes, old and recent rhetorics’ attitudes/ a critical analytical study.

T. Mohamed Lamine Makroud

Pr. Saleh Kheddich
The meaning of meaning for Abdul Wahab Jurjani - a deliberative reading -

T. Khaoula Haddadi

Pr. Abdennacer Ben Tennach
The semantic secrets of moral blessings’ verses/ An applied study in Al -Na'hl surah.
T. Jaouad Moussa
Letters of the scholars addressed to the Abbasid caliphs in the repair of the lining (132-193H / 750-809 BC).