The scientific production edition n°24

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Dr. Bergellah Imen The narrative language between stereotypes and shifting in the "trilogy of Algeria" by Abd El Malek Mortadh.


S. Abdallah Bourbia.

Dr. Abdennacer Ben Tennach
The ambiguity of name in the adjective and source for grammarians and its effect on grammatical structures and semantic meaning.


S. Beroual Ilhem

Pr. Ahmed Kamech
Manifestations of alienation in the poetry of Ibn Shahid Al-Andalusi (283 H-634 H)

S. Ahmed Khadra

Dr. Amel Louati
The problem of rooting the Islamic curriculum in contemporary literary criticism.

T. Hafnaoui Chikha

Pr. Rabah Dob
The deliberative functions of signal letters for Al-Mutanabbi poetry.