The scientific production 02nd edition.

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Dr. Boubaker Baadache.

The legal basis upon which the transplantation of organs was built.

Dr. Meziani Mohamed.

Legitimate pathways in transplantation.

Pr. Nadir Hamadou.

The position of the Algerian faqih Sheikh Ahmed Hamani - may Allah have mercy on him - of organ transplantation.

Dr. Samir Djaballah.

Trafficking in human organs/a legitimate legal study.

Pr. Leila Betaache.

The legal problems raised by organ transplantations from the dead to the living.

Dr. Saad Tebinat.

Islamic rule in stem cell culture.

Pr. Kamal Ldraa.

The googd members for transportation and transplantation medically and the position of Islamic jurisprudence of itالأعضاء الصالحة للنقل والزرع طبيا وموقف الفقه الإسلامي منها

Pr. Said Derradji

Trafficking in human organs, readingin the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

Pr. Belkacem Chetouan.

death problem "Clinical" between jurisprudence and medicine and its impact on transplantation of human organs+

Dr. Dalila Chaib.

Organ transplantation in Algeria reality and prospects between jurisprudence, law and medicine.