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Pr. Samira Hassiba

Reforming the non-organised financial derevatives markets as a necessity to avoid the future financial crises.

Pr. Chafia Hllal

The texts' convergence in the ancient Arabic poetry.

Pr. Chopuaib Yunus

The role of the Islamic Sukuk in supporting the economis sectors.

Pr. Loussif Fouzia

Zawayas in Algeria between the colonial historical legacy and the necessity of reforming and renewing.

Pr. Amel Lawati

The holiness of the Qura'nic text in the light of the modern dialogue." "

Dr. Belkacem Hadid

The research methodology in the doctrinal jurisprudence.

Pr. Skhal Noureddine

The efforts of Imam Abdelhamid Ben Badis in facing the creedal and intellectual problems for the intellectual elite speaking French.