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Pr. Meriem Chtibi Mahmoud

The strategy of the distinguished Al-Jazira Bank in the field of Islamic banking  

Pr.Kashi Moussa

Tax incentives for investment in Algeria.

Dr.Youcef Elaib

Ibn Taymiyah's critique of the doctrine of divinity in Judaism.

Pr.Bachir Othman

The Qur'anic tales, the emergence, evolution of the objective interpretation.

Pr. Nabila Khaldi

An analytical study of the verses of divorce through the book " directions of the Holy Quran "

Dr. Adel Mokrani

Provisions of the the Holy Quran destruction.

Pr. Hatem Bey

Investigate the method of leaving the non-Hijaz news.
( origines, reasons and implications. )

Dr. Nawal Boumaaza

The characteristics of trading and effectiveness of influence in the Prophet's Hadith.
Analysis model: The hadith of the knowledge and scholars virtue.