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Ryma Askratni

Hermeneutics and the methodological problematic in understanding the Holy Qur'an.

Pr. Aida Habati

Mohamed Said Al-Zahri and the Oriental newspapers Al-Resalah magazine as a model.

Pr. Djaber Sathi

Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment trends incoming to Algeria during the period(2003-2014).

Pr. Hamid Guoufi

Projection of the later concept upon the earlier one in the books of hadith science(presentation and criticism).

Pr. Ouahiba Rouabah

The work ndependence in sociological heritage.

Dr. Hadda Sabek

The quoted interpretation according to the orientalists, critical vision, interpretation of Abu Jaafar al-Tabari as a model.

Dr. Abla Amirach

Colonial and colonized, from dialectic to argumentative in the approach "Mohamed Arkoun " - Methodological procedures and value transfers.