Scientific production in the 43rd edition.


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Dr. Mohamed Lamine Bourouba
Student. Asma Ben Sassi

        «The modern reading position from the revelation of qur'an partially-presentation and criticism-

Dr. Abdennacer Ben Tennach

        The prophetic sacred hadith, a linguistic witness in the book of " Al-Amali" of Ibn Ash-Shajari(D 542 H).

Dr. Abdelmadjid Khelladi

        The jurisprudential methodology and the question of cognitive integration/ a study in the concept of Ijtihad.

Dr.Khaled Ba Baker

        Lease contract with a percentage of the project profit a jurisprudential study.

Pr. Samir Djaballah
S. Samia Dadi Sista

" The need and its impact in the contract development." Hedge contract as a model.

Dr. Abderrahmane Maachi

        The question of raising prices between real coercion and purpose position.

Pr. Abdelmoutalib Ibn Achoura

        "ّ"The phenomenon of "verbal violence" within the muslim family and its treatment within the light of Islamic shari'a (concept - manifestations - reasons - treatment).

Dr. Rahima Ben Hammou

        The prophetic method in promoting women

T. Aichaoui Souheila

        Competencies approach in the educational process.

Dr.Leila Filali

        Media control in democratic states: a fifth authority facing the Fourth one. "

Dr. Ouahida Boufdah Badisi

        National media security within the light of media globalization.

Dr Ouassila Cheribet.

                        Documentary credit and its legal and legitimate adaptation.