Scientific production in the 44th edition


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Publication title


Dr. Riyad Ben Sheikh El-Hussein

      The Impact of Arab-Islamic culture on the acquisition of Arabic language and its literature in Western Sudan

T. Hamza Bounaas.

        Investigating issues in which the Andalusians disagreed with Malik's Mudawwana.

Dr. Djaber Sathi.

      Developments in oil prices and their impact on the Algerian economy during the period of 2005-2017

T. Abdelwahab Chelli

       Analysis of the relationship of the Islamic Waqf with the sustainable goals of education and health for 2030 horizons.

Dr. Sofiane Chebira.

      The legal system for the waqf property rental.

Dr. Adel Mokrani

       Intruding sources on exegesis.

Dr.Zohir Hafdi.

Manuscripts' indexing techniques and standards, manuscripts of Emir Abdelkader University for Islamic Sciences as a Model.