Scientific production edition n°45

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Dr. Asia Ammour.

Speaking ethics and speech tastes through the guidance of the master of mankind may prayer and peace be upon him.

Dr. Hichem Shawki.

Treating the contemporary women issues in the thought of Sheikh Ahmed Shaker through the Qur’an verses.

Dr. Noureddine Boukredid.

Touat Jews decline of Sheikh Maghili Tlemceni between the adopted jurisprudence industry and contemporary benefits aspect.

T. Soraya AichaBaya Ben Hussein.
Pr. Kamal Ladraa.

Revelation’s diligence in contemporary financial transactions within  the light of the purposes of Sharia and law.


T. Ahmed Bermad
Pr. Abdennacer Ben Tennach.

Semantic coherence in the Qur’anic text: a reading in the efforts of Taher Ibn Ashour through the exegesis of Surat Al-Hadid.

S. Abderraouf Karkar.
Pr. Djemai Chebaiki

Weighting function for revelation reasons.

T. Fahima Hannache.
Pr. Ismail Samai.

Child rights in the Middle Maghreb family through "the collation of registrations and contracts and the judge and witnesses’ behavior " of El Mazouni.

Dr. Rabah Faghrour.

The right to discipline the wife and children and the received guarantees- a comparative study between Islamic jurisprudence and Algerian law. ــ

Dr. Okba Sahnoun

Determinants of local development and strategies of practical applications.

Dr. Mohcen Ben El-Habib

Islamic financial sukuk - the alternative financing for economic development projects - malaysia's experience as a Model-

S. Shouaib Filali
Dr. Miloud Zenkri

Islamic international rating agency and its role in promoting the legitimate quality of Islamic financial industry products.

T. Asma Ferradi
Pr. Kamal Merdaoui

Strategies to attract and maintain customers in Islamic banks.