Scientific production edition n°46

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Dr. Ahmed Dib

Creedal treatment of the jurisprudencial assessment-Criticism and assessment-

Dr. Boubaker Baadache.

The Instinct system and its relation with the balances’jurisprudence.

S. Abdelhak Miradji
Dr. Bennouar Chelli

Mediation jurisprudence and its impact on the flexibility of contemporary legal policy.

Dr. Saleh Boudjouma.
Dr. Mohamed Benhammou.

Jobs and Professions in the city of Constantine in the Ottoman era through Nawazil El-Fakoune.


S. Yacine Yasaad.
Pr. Rabah Dob

The Quran writing for El-Qadi Abd El-Jabbar and Abd al-Qahir al-Jurjani/ Study in the intellectual backgrounds. –Study in the intellectual backgrounds.-

T. Meriem Zennour.

Messaging literature and the literary genres' overlap.

Dr. Ahmed Dajb Elkhir

The role of Islamic education in treating the behavioral deviations phenomenon for teenagers class –A theoretical study-

Dr. Rokia Bousnan

Contributions of smartphone applications in service of the Holy Qu'ran.

S. Houda Belahrech
Pr. Taibet Lamir

The Influence of ancient Iraqi Civilisation on the Arabian Peninsula -The model of the last king of Babylon Nabonidus.-

S. Rachid Hafiane
Pr. Khelifa Hemmache.

Reading in a manuscript entitled: Memory on the plague in Algeria.

Dr. Chouaib Youcfi.

Maintaining security and its relationship with justice and criminal and civil responsibility in Islamic shari’a.

S. Kamal Bouchair.
Dr. Mousa Kashi.
A field study of zakat fund effectiveness in the Wilaya of Mila-

S. Nawal Biraz Pr. Ben Zuleikha Hennachi.

The reality of the solidarity insurance industry and its challenges - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a model.