Scientific Research Product Edition N° 47



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Participation Title/Abstract


Dr.Ahmed Lachheb

Juristic applications on some problem transactions for sale at El-Maliki.

S.Mahieddine Bournnane

Dr. Boubakeur Baadeche

Subcontracting reviews in Algerian law and the possibility of benefiting from it under the Sharia and law. in Algerian Islamic banks, a comparative and approaching jurisprudential study - A building contracting contract as a model.

S. Yazid Hamoudi

Pr. Rabah Dob
The eloquence of the Qur’anic coordinate in the cosmic verses according to Saleh Fadel Alsamarrai.

S. Boulaaress Mansouri

Pr. Rabah Dob

The epistemological struggle and its manifestations between Ibn Nabi and the West, the Qur’anic phenomenon book as a model.

S. Moussa Hamoudi

Pr. Abdelwahab Chibani
How and its uses in the noble prophetic hadith - a semantic grammatical study of a sample of Sahih al-Bukhari and Muslim.  
Dr. Abdelaziz Djoudi Al-Zarkashī’s attitudes to Al-Zamakhsharī in the “Proof”- “El Bourhan”- book.

S. Chafika Toubal

Dr.Leila Laouir
The roots of deliberative linguistics in the interpretive heritage.

S. Asma Beddala

Dr. Ilyes Talha

The image of political parties in the private Algerian press

Analytical study of the content of the daily newspaper.
S. Abdelhafid Debabsiya The importance of literary sources in the social and scientific history of the Umayyad State study (41 H-132H / 662 AC-750 AC) –Al-Amali books as an example.
Dr. Nassira Azroudi Manuscript science in the Arab world: The Arab League Manuscripts Institute experience as a model.

S. Ben Khaouther Kerri

Dr. Ibrahim Benmehia
Tlemcen Sufism and the professions’ and trades’ practice through El-Manaqib El-Marzuqiyah book.

S.Abdelaaziz Saouli

Pr. Ismail Samai

Water architecture in the Levant during the Umayyad era and its impact on public life (41 H / 132 H-661AC / 749 AC).
Dr. Ouided Said The right to life violation by abstaining in Islamic jurisprudence and criminal law "A doctor's refrain to treat the patient as an example.
Dr. Chahinez Soumia Ben El-Mouafek A Contentious study in ethics and religious thoughts -Analytical analysis-.
Dr. Samir Fergueni

The Islamic Jurisprudence provisions regarding Dhimmis. Study of some questions.