Scientific Research Product Edition N°49



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Participation Title/Abstract


Dr. Amel Djaaboub

The effect of Tasbe’ Ibn Mujahid on the movements of reading, indoctrinating and writing in the readings’ science.

Dr. Yacine Boulhmar

Banter between Shari’a controls and the nature attractors.

S. Aicha Mahroug
Pr. Mokhtar Nacira

Instilling freedom expression in children and developing his communication skills in the prophetic Sunnah.

Pr. Zakia Menzel

Islamic internet websites role in bringing the Qur’an and its sciences closer from the point of view of the students of Emir Abdelkader University for Islamic Sciences in Constantine: A field study.

S. Sabah Kira
Pr. Dahbia Bourouiss

The argumentation sources in Al-Ain dictionary by “Khalil Ibn Ahmad Al Farahidi” and the impact of meaning in using it in inference.

Dr. Naima Rouabah

The contextual distribution in Abi Ali El-Qali’s Amalih within the light of Firth’s theory..

S. Elhoussein Massif
Dr. Noureddien Bouzenacha

Replacing hamza of the vowels letters for Ibn Jinni within the light of the modern linguistic lesson - the secret of parsing industry as a model.

Dr.Leila Laouir

Prophetic praise in contemporary Women's Poetry..

Dr. Loubna Khecha

The space poetics in the Novel "A Sailor Tale" by the Syrian Novelist Hanna Minh the "sea space" as a Model.

S. Samira Fertas
Dr. Leila Laouir

The Problematic of term’s overlapping in contemporary Arabic criticism: cultural criticism / civilisational criticism As a Model..

S.Amel Maaouchi
Pr. Ahmed Sari

Algerian Jews associations and their role in reviving Jewish religious heritage and rituals (1908-1935) H.

Dr. Mohamed Demmene Debbih

Developmental characteristics of Zakat requisite.