Scientific Research Product Edition N°50



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Dr. Mohamed Legriz.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Mahmoud Ibn al-Annabi alJazairi And his book (Attaofiqe wa attassdeed fi charh elfareed fi ilm attajweed)

Analytical descriptive study

S. El-Khansaa Khantit

Pr. Ouassila Cheribet
Jurisprudence of Parallelism (Fikh Al-Mowazannat) and its Role in Contemporary Political Context: Women's participation in domesticated political action

S. Souad Ben Saad
Dr. Saida Boufaghes

Agricultural Financing Formulas in Islamic Jurisprudence: The Case of Farming, Planting and Watering

S. Sakina Hannouz

Dr. Souad Rebbah
Comparative jurisprudence as a mechanism to reduce the jurisprudentail dispute - a study in importance and method –

S. Zoubir Bourouh

Dr. Noureddine Boukerdid
The Intentional Dimension of Women's Work in the Field of Contemporary Financial Transactions and its Impact on Family Stability

S. Rokia Siar

Pr. Mohamed Meziani
The electronic endowment: its adaptation, ways to contribute to it, and its most important contemporary forms
Dr. Nassim Ben Mahmoud Bougherza
Ibn Hicham Al-Anssari’s grammatical choices in the perspective of letters of meanings in his explanation about "Bānat Su'ād's poem": A grammatical and semantic study
Dr. Karim Khaldoun
The reference phenomenon in conversational Functional grammar The perspective of Ahmed al-Mutawakkil and his strategic options as an example

S. Abu Bakr Ben Kahla

Pr. Amel Louati
Rooting the term "acquaintance" in "Arab-Islamic" criticism
Dr. Chafia Hellal
The Aspects of Artistic Creativity in the Arab heritag - Critical approach to the paper of Bichr Ibn ElMoutamer ( AH) and the Will of Abou Temmam ( AH) to El-Bohteri ( AH)

S. Abdelhakim Ghodbane

Pr. Amel Louati
The problematic of the modern alternative in the convex mirrors of Abdel-Aziz Hamouda
Dr. Hanane Latrech
French policy and its impact on social life in Algeria
Dr.Hafida Mubarak
The role of civil society organizations in achieving social solidarity in light of covid -19 -Legal and analytical study-