Scientific Research Product Edition N°52



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Dr. Fatiha Mohamed Bouchaala
The creation of the generation of Sahaba through revelation, foundations and features.
Dr. kamal El Orfi
The approach of Imam Ibn Hazm in determining the effects of obligatory and invalidity.
Dr. Leila Ben Bghila
Popular participation in constitutions making.
Dr. Sarah Boufama
The semantic approach of the holy Quran - reading in Toshihiko Izutsu ’s perspective.

T. Fouad Boulehbel

Pr. Samir Djaballah
Impact of news and rumors on public order between criminalization and the right to information and expression- A comparative study between theIslamic Fiqh and Algerian laws -

S.Halima Hedjadj

Pr. Dhahbia Bourouis

Semantic alternation between derivative description formulas; application on articles' titles of Al Sheikh Bachir El Ibrahimi.

S: Ibrahim Dib

Pr. Zakia Menzel Gheraba
The Algerian religious reference from the university professors' perspective, a field study on a sample of professors from the Universities of Constantine.
Dr. Sofina Chebira
Pauses by Ernest Mercier with the legislative provisions of the Islamic WaqfـRead his book " The Hobous Code".

S. Farid Foughalia

Pr. Ibrahim Benmhia

Prison and Prisoners through 'al Faraj ba‘d alshidda' of al-qadi Abu Ali al-Muhassin Ibn ‘Alī alTanūkhī.

Dr. Khaled Lashab
The educational efforts of Abd el-Halim ben Semayah (1866-1933) between school and mosque - a descriptive study-.
Dr. Naila Hilali
The contribution of neuroscience to the diagnosis and teaching of children with learning disabilities.
Dr Abdelaziz Ben Sayeb
The provisions of the qur'an's treatment of the Qur'an In the Maliki doctrine.

S. Youcef Lbrima

Dr. Riad Ben Cheikh El Hocine

The Ideological semantics in the poem «The knight of strange words» by Adonis

Dr. Abdallah Belmehdi

Dr. Yassine Brik

The reason for killing the renegade in Islam through Qur’an and Sunnah texts.

Dr. Mourad Khenniche
Lessons of Imam Ibn Badis in Qur'an exegesis during his Journeys to the Algerian Cities. Documenting, Describing and Analyzing.