Scientific Research Product Edition N°53



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Dr. Nourddine Toumi The scientific and metaphysical miracles in the prophetic sunnah, and their impact on proving sunnah revelation.

S. Soumia Ben Kara

Pr. Rabah Dob
The Sufi terminology between mazes of tasting(Dhawq) and challenges of translating

S. Nerdjes Bekhouche

Pr. Amel Louati
The debate of the ego and the other in the civilized discourse, from clash to dialogue.
Pr. Souad Boulechfar Linguistic lesson in the book “The Theory of Arabic Language - New Institutions for its System and its Structures - by“ Abdul Malik Murtad.

S. Halima Lanani

Pr. Amel Louati
Receipt and reading in ancient Arabic criticism (4th Hijri Century ).

Dr. Amel Kaoueche

The problematic of employing (intermediate language) in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.
Dr. Abdelkhalil Keriane An analysis of the contribution of Al-Sharif al-Tilimsani to founding the rational school of Tlemcen the capital of Zayyanid state.

S. Fadila Ghalem

Dr. Hassiba Samira
creativity and innovation in social responsibility applications within the light of Covid-19 pandemic -The Algerian experience as a model-.