The scientific production in the 35 edition.

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Pr. Saida Boufaghes

The payability of suckling salary and the position of the jurisprudence regading it.

Dr. Ibrahim Ben Mhia.

Rules of narrators' criticism in the Islamic heritage "Sunnit, shiite and Ibadi" (

Pr. Djamila Moudjari

The role of reflection in understanding the meaning of the Qur'anic discourse.

Pr. Abderrahman Khelfa

The theory of the purposes of Moses Maimonides and its reference in the system assets - jurisprudence and Islamic philosophy-

Pr. Abdallah Belmahdi.

Loukman's wisdom between Islamic heritage and ancient oriental heritage.

Pr. Youcef Elayab

The textual critisism for the third creed-The Yuhanian Coma model- The textual critism of the trinity doctrine– Johanneum Comma as a model-