The scientific production in the 38 edition.

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Dr. Bachir Guelati

Ibn Khaldoun thought and the crisis of contemporary Arab society (trilogy: luxury, injustice and revolution)

Dr. El Ayeb Youcef.

The contribution of the Khaldounia in the movement of establishing knowledge and Islamic cultural construction.

Dr. Rokia Bousnan

The Rules of the formulation of the Civilized Man for Ibn Khaldun through "The Muqaddimah" The introduction". " "                                                                 

Dr. Chahinez Soumia Ben Elmouafek

The religious and social dimension in the revival of civilizations and their rejection through Ibn Khaldoun vision.

Pr. Zahra Lahlah

The rationalization of the history from philosophy to architecture science, a study of the cognitive integration for Ibn Khaldoun.

Dr. Leila Filali

Crisis of values in the context of communicative globalization: an approach to activate the Khaldoun perspective.