Scientif production edition N41

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Pr.Zbida Tayib

The relation between philosophy and theology.

Pr. Latifa Ben Said

Beauty and ugliness between the destination of Qur'an and the destination of speakers (Mu'tazila and Ashayra)
Pr Boulberdaa Saliha
Dimensions of security levels in the Holy Qur'an
Ouarda Boudjelal

Topics and issues addressed by women's programs in Annahar Laki Channel.
- Asrar Nawaim program as a model-

Dr. Leila Filali

The repercussions of globalization of media and communication on the Arabic language and ways to face them.

Dr. Benredouane Ibrahim Lekhshin

Manuscript of the printing press Thaalibi (the first printed Qur'an in Algeria) presentation and study.

                                                  Dr.Fatiha Mohamed Bouchaala

Issues in controling and drawing in the reading of Imam Nafi'.

Pr. Abderrahim Tabet

 The rhetorical phenomena in the Prophetic Hadiths, an applied study in the book "The reader's mayor"- "A'mdat Alkari" of El-Aini as a sample.

Dr. Sami Riad Ben Chelaal

The denial of hearing in attribution between narrators to denote illusion.
for Imams critics.