The scientific production in the 42 edition.

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Pr. Aliouane Said.

Ibn Badis philosophy in the reform concept. Fields and means.

Dr. Soulef Loukikat

The use of natural phenomena words and their representation in prophetic sunnah texts - Snow and cold is a model-.
Dr. Mohamed Boudeben Religious emotional rationalization in family education and its impact on facing the dangers of hyperbole and extremism.
Dr. Hedda Sabek

The way of selecting the exegesis and sciences sources of Qur’an according to orientalists - analysis and criticism.-

Dr. Asia Chekireb

Human dignity in Christianity and Islam and international covenants - a comparative analytical study.-

T. Djihad Neghmouchi

Reasons why Imām Al-Bukhāri left the narration on the authority of Imām Al-Shafi'i.

T. Reggad Hanane

Al-Hayat christian channel Programs - Analytical study – “Let it be light” programme as a model.

T. Abdelkrim Sebbagh

 Rules of political organization of the Jewish Sanhedrin council.

T. Fatima Zouhiri

Reality jurisprudence “Fiqhul Waqi'e”among female religious instructors (mourchidat) in Algeria - a field study on sample female religious instructors (mourchidat) of Constantine.

T. Meriem Meddour Tariq Ramadan’s treatment of extremism issue through his Facebook page – an analytical study –
T. Ouahida Boufdeh Badissi Values in MBC3 channel programs for children.
T. Yasmina Bounaara Satisfaction with traffic policeman's performance, his behavior and his role in forming his mental image among drivers - A prospective study in Constantine city –
T. Ziad Ouassila Apostasy and freedom of belief in Judaism.