The scientific production edition n° 43

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Dr. Marouane Maazi.

Law of" "Yabum marriage" " an approach study through legislating.


Dr. Abdelghani Aissaoui

Honorific epithets between the scientific entitlement and messy practices.

- Methodological controls in the selection of the Algerian exegesis scholars. -
Pr. Salah Omar
The prophetic discourse"hadith" explanation/ a historical and renewal study.
Dr. Hacene Brama
The role of the religious idea in building civilization for Malek Bennabi.
Pr. Abdelmoutalib Ben Achour
Intruder in interpretation and its impact on the understanding of Quranic stories "The Ifk incident " Model - applied study
Dr. Ryiad Amiraoui
Characteristics of the Qur'anic text and the beauty aspects of its style. "