The scientific production edition n°45

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Dr.Leila Filali

S. Abderrahmane Zeghdoud Moubarek

The semantic value in electronic optical formats, a semiotics study of Chourouk online newspaper caricature.

Dr. Ilyas Talha

Media and security awareness - Awareness of "traffic accidents" as a model. -.
Dr.Adel Mokrani
The interpretation results between rationality and modernist schools/ a comparative study.

Abderrahim Tabet

Ibn Hisham Al-Ansari his directives of Qur’anic readings in his book explaining” shudur adahab” in understanding Arabs speaking.

Dr.Abu-Bakr Kafi

S.Foughal Atika

The Imam Muslim purposes in the interrupted hadiths narration in his Saheeh

Dr.Leila Baatach

S. Mohamed Amine Hamdadou
Ownership of apartments and floors - comparative study between Islamic jurisprudence and Algerian law

Dr.Houda Herrag

S. Medhat Kouraichi
Narrators’ paraphrasing in interpretive novels and its effect on interpretation (meaning narration as a model).

Nabil Messalti

The Qur'anic grammar theory as an applied study on the subject of the predicate in the frequent readings .
Ouarda Boudjelal
Duat use of facebook. -Study on a sample of imams and guides of Constantine city. -