The scientific production edition n°46

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Pr. Hadda Sabek
S. Rokia Dridi

The reformist dimension of the Qur'anic story through the interpretation of "“In Rehab Al-Qur’an”-The story of prophet Lot as a model-

Pe. Lamir Taybat.
S. Raouia Zaamouchi

The Jesuit pharisee controversy - A reading of the four Gospels-

Pr. Belhamel Moufida
S. Nadia Djebbar

The role of social networks in the Egyptian revolution - an analytical study on a sample of bloggers downloads on YouTube-

Dr. Fateh Halimi. Hmidatou Aziza

Shahristani 's methodology in religions’ study - Sabians and Zoroastrianism as a model. -

Pr. Ammar Tastas
S.Saida Zouat.

Philosophy of education at Majid Arsan El-Kilani

Dr. Ahcen Brama.

Dualism of susceptibility of colonization and effectiveness in the thought of Malik bin Nabi.

Dr. Ahmed Lachhab.

Books of scholars deaths and its scientific benefits - Death of the Wansharisi as a model.-

Dr. Rahima Ben Hamou.

Towards a theory to compare shari’a and law


Dr. Saioud Souhil.

L’Islam et l’avenir de l’humanité : l’Islam vu par Arnold. J. Toynbee
Islam and the future of humanity: Islam as seen by Arnold J. Toynbee .