The scientific production edition n°47

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Dr. Abd Elmoutalib Boughrara

Miracles of the Quo’ran when Abd Al-Rahman Al- Thaâlibi through his exegesis of Djawaher El-Hassan.

Dr. Abdelghani Aissaoui

Imam Abu-Abbas Al Baghani and his composit on the Qur'an provisions- inclusion in the famous version.-

Dr. Nassim Bougherza.

Textual coherence in the discourse sorat Elanaam and Elmoutafefeen as a sample

T. Leila Farcha

Dramatic art in the Holy Qur’an -A reading in Vision and Formation-

Dr. Fatiha Mohamed Bouchaala.
S. Boumaaza Seddik Abou Bakr

Imam Malik teachers, those spoken about them in "Takrib al-Tahtheeb book by El-Hafidh Ibn Hajar".

Dr. Radouane Lekhchine

The term of " Faces and isotopes" comparative study between Ibn al-Jawzi and Ibn Taymiyya.

Dr. Nedjoua Mensouri

The principle of causality for speakers and philosophers.

Pr. Lamir Taybet
S. Benlahrech Houda

Hinduism between spirituality and religious intolerance.

Dr. Ahmed Abdelli
S. Imen Hasnaoui

The religious advertisements at the Arab satellite channels- charecteristics and objectives/ Religious advertisements' analytical study at El-Djamila channel.

Dr. Leila Filali
S. Nora Khairi

Violence against women between societal realities and media contents in Algerian private TV channels.

Pr. Zakia Menzel Ghraba
S. Ghania Hennachi

Violence against women between societal realities and media contents in Algerian private TV channels.

Dr. Rokia Bousnan
S. Saliha Arab El-Ouad

The Obstacles of the communicator at Huda Islamic TV Channel (A field study).

Dr. Rokia Bousnan
S. Ouissem Chaibi

Journalism ethics according to academics and journalists point of view- A field study.-

Dr. Bouzenacha Noureddine
Dr. Boudrama Ezaidi

Operators in the Arabic language functional grammar.


Dr. Linda Boumahrath

The Penal protection of the Trademark and its effectiveness regarding the brands traded electronically.

Dr. Hasiba Samira
S. Sara Bouchair

Marketing ethics in Islamic banks and their role in protecting the financial consumer.

Dr. Souhil Sayoud

Kierkegaard: the aesthetics achieved in the religious