Scientific Research Product Edition N°49


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Participation Title/Abstract


Dr. Bachir Ben Tebba

Ramdane ben Bakhma
Advocacy communication's in charge use of social networks and his role in establishing religious authority in Algeria.
Dr. Zouhir Hafdi
Information technology and its role in developing Shouyoukh library services at Emir Abdelkader University for Islamic Sciences in Constantine.
Dr. Hamza El Aich
History of the New era writings' legality.

Pr. Fateh Halimi

Khedidja Djouada
Social system in the prophetic sīra in controlling the relationship with non-Muslims through the Medina document.
Dr. Noura Redjati
Human in ancient speech science/an analytical rooting approach.
Dr. Saliha Boulberdaa
Paul's missionary journeys - a reading of the starting points and methods -
Pr. Bachir Guellati
Al-Hakim Al-Tirmidhi and knowing the truth of the soul.
Dr. Mohamed Lamine Bourouba
Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr Saw Al-Futi and his poetry: “Alqanun fi dabt Qalun”/Rules to adjust Qalun"

Dr. Assia Chekireb

Meghneia Harkat
Kibbutz generation "Sabra" and Zionist settlement -Sharon as a model-
T. Naoual Boulmendjel
Fatwa programmes in Islamic satellite channels - An analytical study of a sample from the Fatwa “Hala Ask” programme.
Dr. Hichem Chaouki
Research Methodology in Comparative Exegesis- An applied theoretical study on the word " Asasa ".

Pr. Hacène Mouhoubi

Hichem Kernou

Beliefs of Muhammad Shahrour -critical study-.