The scientific production in the 14th edition.

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Pr. Elyazid Belaamech.

" University study content and intellectual infertility study in contemporary academic intellectual reality in the human and social people.".

Dr. Abdelouahab Boucheliha.

Femininity neighing/ body neighing, reading in the novel: Rocking chair of Amel Mukhtar.

Dr. Naoual Boumaaza.

                The Algerian revolution in the Algerian Arabic novel: From the real to the imaginary - Thematic Study.

Pr. Mohamed Fergueni.

The reasons of the unbeliever victory over the Muslim, and the predominance of power on the rightness at the time of Bediuzzaman Saïd Nursi

Dr. Nedjib Bouhenik

Examples of proper administrative behavior in the Qur'an verses and Sunnah's Hadiths.

Dr. Abdelmadjid Keddour.

Desert and psychological adjustment of man.