The scientific production in the 1st edition.

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Dr. Said Derradji.

Activating the role of Waqf and Zakat to finance projects.

Pr. Bezaz Halima.

Derivatives (concept, importance, risks)

Dr. Boubaker Baadache.

The meanings of freedom in the Holy Quran texts.

Pr. Rabia Laouar.

The approach of Imam Abi Al-Walid Al-Baji in deducement unanimously by people of Medina.  

Dr. Rahima Benhammou

Pre-trial detention in Islamic jurisprudence.

Dr. Benzahra Abdelkader

The producer liability- A comparative study between the Algerian and French legislations.-

Dr. Samir Djaballah

The olive tree between Islamic heritage and scientific miracle.

Pr. Kashi Mousa

Mechanisms for local economic institutions to benefit from the marketing skills of multinational companies.

Pr. Kamal Ladraa

The methodology of the Association of Algerian Muslim Scholars in the practice of advice and its impact on the reform of Algerian social reality.

Pr. Nadir Hamadou

The status of reason in Islamic legislation.

Pr. Noureddine Missaoui.

Judicial differentiation between the spouses of the insolvency in Islamic jurisprudence.

Pr. Wassila Cheribet

The negative mental image of the waqf in Islamic societies (manifestations, causes, and treatment.