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Pr. Ammar Tastas

The Civilizational perspective in the renewal of the Islamic creed formulation by Ismail Raji Al Farouqi.

Pr. Ahmed Dib

The problem of digression in modern legal authorization - An analytical recource study.-

Pr. Salah Saadoun

The Role of the divine Religions in building the personality for muslim woman of the scriptures, study in Cultural Anthropology.

Dr. Aziza Selloula

what came after " Fa'alِ" in the holy Qur'an between the nominal and the source.

Dr. Zakaria Tounani

Languistic issues affecting the controversy of Islamic jurists - An empirical study in the "Time circumstances".-

Dr. Abderrahmane Khelfa

   The statute of limitations and its impact on the expiry of the public prosecution in crimes of honor and consideration.
    - An analytical comparative article made withing the light of the Islamic jurisprudence and the Algerian media law. -

Pr. Souheila Maza

The predictive educational methodolgy in Ibn Khaldoun 's thought.