The scientific production edition n°44

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Pr. Elbachir Guellati

Pr. Samira Houari

The advocacy function of media within the light of the Holy Qur'an

Pr.Boubaker Kafi

Dr. Houda Herrak
The modern versions transmitted by the companions in the exegesis: its definition,importance and value."Ali Ibn Abi Talha version as a model "
Djamila Moudjari
The scientific exegesis of the holy qur'an, reality and perspectives. An applied study of the "Hirudo" term(1)-

Dr. Hadda Sabek.

Pr. Meriem Bouafia.

The revelation of the verses on the reality for Mohamed al-aKhader Hussein through his exegesis

The manifestations of Quranic schools care about tajweed principles, drawing and discipline " secrets of revelation

Dr.Soumia Chahinez Benmouafek.
The identity foundations of the Aramean people and their socio-cultural dimensions on the Syriac civilization.
Dr. Abdrrahmane Maashi.
The manifestations of Quranic schools care about tajweed principles, drawing and correction. -Experience presentation-
Dr. Fatima Soualmi
The truth of love and its dimensions for Badî' Az-Zamân An-Nursî thought.

Dr. Zahra Lahlah

Pr. Amira Zaidi
The full man for the Algerian Emir Abdelkader
Pr. Mohamed Ramdani

Contemporary rational employment of the positions of muslim believers' mother Aisha-may Allah be pleased with her -of some tales.

         -Presentation and criticism -     
Dr. Mohamed Lakriz
Opposition of shatiabiya to grandson Marzouk Tlemceni in his Arjosa "Meftah bab Al-Janah fi makraa alsabaa Ahl al-Sunnah" .A descriptive,analytical and comparative study.
S. Hiba Shaoua/ S Shaoua Hiba

The application of the Algerian police - Security department of Setif - of the community policing concepts through its use of social networks، " Facebook" as a model .