The scientific production edition n : 48

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Mohamed Salah Setti

The implicit exegesis for Shiites and the acceptable indicative exegesis-a comparative study-.

Dr. Elyacine Ben Amraoui

The methods of the Prophetic Sunnah in the development of excellence and creativity in the education of children and adolescents.

S. Abdelmoumin Azzoug

Hadiths contained in the prophecy of Khaled Ibn Sinan el Absi/ collection and study.

Thuraya Azouzi

Baqlani criticism of the core concept for his times christians.

S. Hamida Ben Maazouz
Dr. Mohamed Bachir Ben Tabba

Interactive forms in the Algerian electronic press and their relationship to user satisfaction "All about Algeria" AAA newspaper as a model. TSA
 -Analytical and field study.-

S. Asma Dalla

Zionist terrorism in Al-Quds satellite channel website - an analytical study -

T. Naima Atoui

The reality of the dubbed drama and its effect on adolescent audience.

S. Djalel Mebarki

The internal and external wars of the Abbasid leader, Al-Khadim Munis (296-321H/ 909-933 AB).