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    Sihem madjdoub

    The aesthetics and facades of the Marinite architecture in the middle west

    Abi Median school in tlemcen as a model
    Latifa Ben Saad The faith dimention of architecture and reconstruction
    Youcef Abed The unitarians" mouahidine" insight to art
    architectural, religious and craft decoration "model"


The third evaluating study day for doctorate students” L.M.D.” on Tuesday ، Shawwal 29th , 1440 AH corresponding to July 2nd , 2019

The study day programme


A training scientific symposium for PhD and master students entitled: "Scientific research methodology in comparative studies" on Shaaban 09th, 1440 AH corresponding to April 14th 2019 AH.

The study day programme


International conference entitled: “The Islamic Waqf as a tool and development” on 10-11 Shaaban 10th /11th 1440 AH corresponding to April 15th /16th 2019

Conference Problematic

Conference Programme



International Forum on: The International Financial System and Islamic Finance on November 11th /12th, 2013.

Forum Problematic

Forum Programme

Forum recommendations

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


Pr. Said Derradji. Semira Hassiba

Banking reform through the Basel Conventions (1.2.3) and its effects on Islamic banks

Pr. Sathi Djaber

Islamic banks in the shadow of financial and banking crises )State of the GCC Banks).

Pr. Bezaz Halima

Managing the risks of both forms of financing by speculation and participation as a necessity to eliminate the practical obstacles to them

Pr.Shouaib Yunus

Islamic instruments-"Sukuk"-as an alternative to traditional tools in financing development projects

Pr.Oukba Sahnoun

"European sovereign debt crisis, causes and treatment efforts - evaluating study

Pr. Mohcen Benhabib

The repercussions of the global financial crisis on the economies of Arab countries


International Forum on: Crisis of the international financial and banking system and the alternative of Islamic banks on April6th/7th, 2009

Forum Problematic

Forum Programme

Forum recommendations


Author Name

Participation Title/ Abstract


Pr. Said Derradji

S'alam as an alternative loan technique in microfinance

Pr. Sathi Souad

The use of funds through Murabaha in Islamic banks

Pr.Nacer Souleimen

Islamic banks (definition, origin, specifications, financing formulas ...)

Pr. Bezaz Halima

Financial derivatives and their risks

Pr. Sonia Abed

Islamic finance for real estate, comparative study with interest finance for the same sector


Symposium on " Islamic Finance Mechanisms of the Algerian economy within the light of the scarcity of financial resources of the state" on Tuesday, Rajab17th, 1438 Hijri corresponding to April11th, 2017.

Symposium Programme

Author Name

Participation title/ Abstract


Dr. Sonia Abed
Pr Meriem Mahmoud Chatibi

Public spending controls in the Islamic economy. .

Dr Sahnoun Oukba

The Algerian economic structure during the last decade.

Dr. Mohamed Demman Debih
Dr.Sofian Khoudja Alama

The role of small and medium foundations in achieving economic development within the light of the oil collapse prices' challenges

Dr.Chouaib Younous

The role of Islamic instruments-"Sukuk"- in financing the national economy

Dr.Hassiba Samira.

Sustainable Islamic Finance Products

Dr. Halima Bezzaz

Investment funds between the positive and Islamic economy



Doctoral Training Symposium on: “Documentary Research, Concepts, Resources, Problems, and Methods” on December 8th / 9th 2019



Symposium Programme.

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


Pr. Zakia Menzel Ghraba
Scientific documentation according to APA method.


Dr. Ilyes Talha
Documentary research, a conceptual approach.


Dr. Meriem Rehmani
Relationship of documentary research with other researches.

Dr. Hiba Shaaoua
Bibliography, concept and forms.


Dr. Ouahiba Rouabah
إDocumentation problematics in the classical method.


T. Ouassila Merrahأ
Evaluating documents’ conditions.


S. Asma Beddala
Documentation in scientific research according to the Harvard method.


S. Ouissem Shaibi

Scientific documentation according Chicago method. (CMoS)

-- The seventeenth edition (17) of 2017.


S. Maroua Hamza
Documentary research sources, traditional and digital.


National Conference: “Modern critical literary methodologies and their relationships with religious text studies” on September 30th 2019.


Conference Problematic

Conference Recommendations

Conference Programme

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


Pr. Abderrahman Maâchi

The holy Qur’an exegesis and its statement: - The concept and application for Mustapha Bouhandi-


S. Mohamed Lamine Ibraken

The deconstructive methodolgy and its implications for Christian scholars.


S.Selma Boukeffa

The philological approach and the religious text study "Its use and criticism" Christoph Luxenberg, through his book A Syriac Aramaic reading of Qur'an/ a contributes of the Qur'anic language analysis as a Model.

Dr. Khaoula Djihed Dambri.

The psychoanalysis method in criticising religious text - between scientificity of  method and the specificity of text.

Dr. Marouan Maazi
The intertextuality theory from literary texts to sacred texts.


S. Meriem Filali
Islamic criticism for employing Western methodologies in sacred religious text - The Holy Qur’an -


Dr. Abd Eldjalel Madi

Jacques Derrida.. texts’ metaphysics criticism.


S. Ben Fares Siline

New history and its effect on reading the religious text.


Dr. Ilyas Dekkar

Rudolf Bultmann's approach to criticise the new era texts.




National Forum entitled: "Contemporary religious sects" on Wednesday, June 26th , 2019.

Conference Programme

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


Pr. Bachir Kerdouci

S. Naoual Bekhikh

Wahhabi thought and its impact on Islamic society.


Pr. Fateh Halimi

S. Selma Boukeffa
The New era movement, "Origin, definition, Most prominent representatives and most important beliefs""


S. Haddad Nour El-Imen
Amish sect.

Pr. Fateh Halimi

S. Khadidja Djouada.
Origins and development of " B'nai B'rith" sect and its religious and political impact on Islamic world.


S. Rabia Kridi.
Violence and extremism in the ideology of the “Gush Emunim “movement"


S. Sonia Ouothmani
Unitarians band - its role and beliefs-


Pr. Bachir Kerdouci

S. Fairouz Bibi
Religious principles "a reading of the concept and the starting points"."


Dr. Kamal Maazi.

S. Mohamed Lamin Ibraken
Transcendental meditation: Its truth, origins and effects.



Scientific conference for PhD Students on Hadith Sciences Issues between modernists and fundamentalists on Thursday, Shawwal 24th , 1440 AH corresponding to June 27th , 2019 AC.

Conference Programme

A training scientific symposium entitled "Freedom of expression in the digital space: its levels and limitations" on May 5th , 2019.

Conference Problematic

Conference Programme

The second scientific course on: semiological analysis, Tuesday 28th Jumada al-Thani 1440 corresponding to March 5th , 2019 AC.

Symposium Programme

A training course for Ph.D students in exegesis and Qur’an sciences entitled: contemporary suspicions in exegesis and Qur’an sciences, presentation and criticism: Monday 27th Jumada Al-Thani 1440 H corresponding to March 04th 2019 AC.

The training session problematic.

Training scientific workshop: Submission of the two final reports of the two approved research teams 2015-2019 , Monday March 04th 2019.

Workshop programme.

National conference: The current creedal lesson on Thursday, Jumada al-Thani 23th 1440 H corresponding to February 28th 2019.

The conference Programme.

The conference Problematic.

Scientific symposium on "public communication on Algerian radio" reality and challenges

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


Dr . Ouahida Boufdah Badisi

Local radio and public service in Algeria.


Dr. Bounaara Yasmina
Public service in Algerian media legislation.


Dr. Leila Filali
Strategic planning of public radio communication.

Dr. Leila Filali

S.Yasser Bendjeloul
Media treatment of the Syrian crisis in the International Algerian Radio - An Analytical Study of -Mountaha Assiyasa- Extremely politics mission as a model-"


Mhira Bouthaina
public service application principles in the local Algerian radio stations and their references. between the commitment to the content of media legislation and the reality of professional practice -


Dr. Ilyas Talha
The reality of the public service in Radio Constantine (Cirta) Survey of the site Facebook Radio during the period 15 / 09-15 / 10/2018.Reality of public service in Constantine radio (Cirta), a survey study of Facebook website,radio during the period; September 15th /October 15th 2018.


S. Lylia Rziouak
The role of local radio in crisis management. -Constantine floods/ a model field study. -


Dr.Zadi Leila.

Dr. Hiba Shaoua
Contribution of the Algerian Radio in raising and treating various internal crises - the traffic accident crisis as a model-


A scientific formation symposium on the use of theory in information and communication researches on Monday 11st Rabi' Al-Thani1440H/December 17th 2018.

Symposium programme

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


Pr. Zakia Menzel Ghraba.

The use of media theories in Dawaa and media researches at Emir Abdelkader University, field researches as a model.


Dr. Saliha Laabed.

The procedural steps linking theory to scientific research in information and communication sciences field.


Dr. Leila Filali

Methodology of information and communication researches: between strategy application and the theoretical approach.

Dr. Aissa Bouafia.

" The concept of "theory" and concepts of common semantic field: entrance, approach, and model".                                                                                                                                          


Pr. ben bakhma ramdan.

Theory as a systematic regulator of the researcher in a scientific study, theory of uses and saturations as a model.


Dr. Bachir Bentabba

The emergence of media theories and the contribution of scientific research for its construction.


Dr. Bounaara Yasmine

Theory importance in media and communication researches.


The suffism Islamic discourse between the implications of privacy and the moralization and coexistence purposes) on Wednesday and Thursday 04th -05th - Rabi' al-Thani 1440 H correspondin to December12th /13th 2018

Forum Programme

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


Pr. Aliouane Said

S. Saima Boulfani
The humanitarian purpose of love in Sufism and its role in activating civilized communication.


Dr. Ammar Tastas

S. Meriem Filali
Francophone Sufism and its Implications in the Maghreb (Algeria and Morocco as a model).


Dr. Khasha Loubna
The sign semiotics and the phrase at Sufism, al-Hallaj poetry as a model.

Dr.Ammar Kasi
Sufi discourse between the phrase and the sign.


Pr. Zahra Lahlah
The human dimension in Sufi discourse, self-knowledge and awareness of the world-intentional approach-


Dr. Ahcen Brama

S. Omar Baghdadi

Contribution of the mystical discourse to the activation of human values in the MiddleMaghreb.

Abderrahman Thaâlibi- as a model- -


National Forum:" Sahih Bukhari and Muslim in the modern readings,presentation and criticism."On Rabî`Al-Awwal 04th and 05th,1440H corresponding to December 04th and 05th 2018.

Forum Programme

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


Pr. Abubakr Kafi
Sahih Bukhari manuscripts and its different versions and copies in the modernist readings presentation and criticism.       


Dr. Sami Ryiad Ben Shaalal
The investment of the shiit path in refuting sahih al bukhari and muslim for the modernist.        -Critical vision-


Dr. Abdelaziz Chelli
Sahih Al-Bukhari the end of plagiarism myth in a book.

Dr. Elyacine Ben Amiraoui
Criticism and understanding of the prophetic Sunnah texts between the modernists and the modernists' readings. "Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim prophetic texts"


Dr. Nabil Belhi
Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim methodological flaws criticism in modernistic readings


Dr. Mohamed Lamine Bourouba
Sahih al-Bukhari book ..myth end  author: Rachid Aylal -presentation and critisism


Dr. Noureddine Toumi
Answer to Sahih al-Bukhari registration lateness.


Dr. Mohamed Ramdhani
Utilising modernist discourse for modernists’ rules in the criticism of Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim- -Presentation and criticism-


Pr. Abdulmutallab Ben Achoura
Sahîh al-Bukhari and Sahîh Muslim between the fundamentalist discourse and contemporary modernist thought. .


Pr. Ammar Tastas
Criticism of the modernistic reading plans of the Shari'a text


Pr. Nasr Salman
The modernists foundations in the appeal of Sahih Al-Bukhari


Pr. Moukhtar Nassira
The registration lateness of Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim, justifiers and the suspicions raised about it.


Dr. Abderrahim Tabet

More"Akthar" book of Abu Huraira- Presentation and criticism-


Dr. Maachi Abderrahmane

The intellectual and methodological tenacity of the modernists in reading the prophetic sunnah

-- Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim reading as a model- -
Dr. Loubna Khacha
(Al-Bukhari's felony of Zakaria Ozon), critical comparative reading, between semiotic and deconstructual interpretation.
Dr. Fatiha Mohamed Bouchaala.

Systematic flaws in modernists criticism of Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim, Gamal Al-Banna books as model.


National Forum: " Speech science, reality and horizons on April24th 2018.

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


Dr.Ahcen Brama

The position objectivity of speech science old and modern.


Dr. Ahlem Belattar

Ibn Khaldun's position on the science of speech and its characteristics.                                                                               


Dr. Zoubeida El-Tayib

Human as a target in the new speech science.

Dr. Abdelmalek Ben Abbas

Kindy between philosophy and theology.


Dr. Abdelmalek Ben Abbas

Ibn Rushd's criticism of the speech science within the light of modernism.


Dr. Abdelmalek Ben Abbas
S. Slimani Djahida

Contributions of Mustafa Sabri in the renewal of speech science.


Dr. Abdelmalek Ben Abbas
S. Dekiche Asia

The problematic of the relationship between theology and mysticism.


Dr. Nadjoua Mensouri.

Speech science between acceptance and rejection, reading in the contents and goals.


Pr. Said Aliouane
  S. Shaima Boulfani

Speech science renewing method for Taha Abdurrahman.
The debate as a model.


S. Meriem Filali

Ibn Khaldoun's position of the speech science: Is it a classification difficulty? or is it a views back off? -As a sample


Pr. Redjati Nora

The relationship between speech and hadith sciences
- Legitimate rooting approach in of speech science -


Pr. Soualmi Fatima

The relationship between speech and acknowledgment, is it an integration or contradiction relationship?.


Dr. Ahcen Brama
S. Mohamed Kamal Khlika

Guide to cosmology's occurrence and contemporary physics - a critical study -


Dr.Said Aliouane
S. Mahdjoub Houaria

Hacene Hanafi position of speech science.



International Conference:"The religious media reality and its prospects" on April16th 17th 2018.

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


Dr. Souad Rebbah

Fatwa chaos through satellite channels and its role in right legal knowledge destabilization.


Dr. Saad Tebinet

Fatwa on satellite channels effects and controls.


The second scientific symposium entitled: The concepts’ problem in dawaa studies on Wednesday, Jumada Al-Thani 26th 1439 AH / March 14th , 2018.

Forum Programme

Forum recommendations

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


Pr. Bachir Guellati

concepts’ problem in dawaa studies, the importance of presentation and approach.

Dr. Aissa Bouafia

Pr. Fatima Sebkak

Concept definition and the conceptual approach determinants

Pr. Bachir Guellati
S. Abderrahman Rouina

The gravity of concepts coming from the Western civilisation.

Modernity and renewing concepts as a model.

Pr/ Omar Laouira

The necessity and importance of defining concepts in the social and human sciences.

S. Oussama Berkani

The effect of concepts' diffrence in the dawaa studies.

The definition of dawaa and reform as a model.


Scientific symposium: some methodological problems in the electronic media studies on February 2018.

Forum Problematic

Forum Programme

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


S. Kheiri Noura

Content analysis in the electronic press - Application model.-

Dr. Rokia Bousnan/ S. Radouan Rebbah.

Methodological problems in studying the content of electronic media applications.

Dr. Rokia Bousnan.

S. Ouissem Shaibi

Electronic sampling between methodological constants and digital space variables.
-Evolution and development-

-Structuring and rooting

S. Mhira Buthaina

Analysis of media content in media and press websites.

Symposium: objective interpretation study in methodology on December 18th 2017

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


Dr. Abderrahman Maachi

Contemporary classification in the objective interpretation - impasse and problems-.-

Dr. Hadda Sabek

The Qur'anic term and its need to similarities and isotopes resources.

Pr. Moudjari Djamila

The objective exegesis of the holy Qur'an.
-Evolution and development-

-Structuring and rooting

S. Meriem Bouafia

The objective exegesis and revelation of verses on reality.

Dr. Abderrahman Maachi S. Mohamed Salah Setti.

Objective and analytical exegesis, a relationship of integration, not differentiation.

International Forum: Knowledge Integration between Islamic Sciences and Other Sciences, November 24th-25th,2015.

Forum Problematic

Forum Programme

Forum recommendations

Author Name

Participation Title

Dr. Boukerdid Noureddine
The cognetive integration in the content between the legal and economic sciences and its impact on the understanding of contemporary financial crisis and the achievement of development.
Dr. Rokia Bousnan

Integration of the cognitive vision in the conception of civilization building elements' for Malek Bennabi.

Dr. Souheil Saioud
Criticism of the "integrated view" of the heritage for Taha Abderrahmane.

Dr. Chahinez Benmouafek

Integration of knowledge between science and theology in Christianity.
Dr.Leila Filali
Media and Communication Sciences and Islamic Studies: Within the framework of a civilized sérategy to achieve knowledge integration.  

Pr. Khaoula Djihad Dambri

The integration problematic between anthropology and new speech science.

The fourth international conference on Ibn Khaldoun about "The role of spiritual values in building civilization and its fall towards Khaldun applied studies" on February 23rd/24th 2015.

Forum Problematic

Forum Programme

Forum recommendations

Author Name

Participation Title


Pr. Belkacem Chetouane

History of Islamic jurisprudence through the lessons' book.

Dr. Youcef Laib

The contribution of the Khaldounian in the knowledge establishment movement and Islamic cultural construction.

Dr. Leila Filali

Crisis of values within the communicative globalisation: an approach to activate the Khaldoun perspective.

Dr. Zahra Lahlah

The rationalization of history from philosophy to architecture science, a study of the cognitive integration of Ibn Khaldoun.

Dr. Bachir Guellati

Khaldounian thought and the crisis of contemporary Arab society. (Trilogy: luxury, injustice and revolution)

Dr. Rokia Bousnan
The rules of formulating the civilized man at Ibn Khaldun through ""The introduction"."
Dr. Chahinaz Soumia Ben Mouaffak
The religious and social dimension in the revival of civilizations and their rejection through the Khaldun vision.

International Forum: Jurisprudence and creed reference in Algeria and its realities and horizons on Muharram 24th -25th -26th 1436 AC corresponding to November 17th-18th-19th 2014

Forum Problematic

Forum Programme

Forum recommendations

Author Name

Participation Title


Pr. Yacine Ben Amraoui

The scholars of the Maliki doctrine in Algeria and their role in establishing and building the jurisprudential reference..

Pr. Belkacem Chetouan

Abu Yaali Zawawi, his life, effects and Salafi reference..

Dr. Noureddine Boukerdid

Al-Maliki doctrine in Algeria, its reality, prospects, promotion and codification.

Pr. Rahima Ben Hammou

The role of the parliament in promoting the Maliki doctrine in Algeria diligently and applied.

Dr. Zbida Tayib

The role of the Islamic university in maintaining creed harmony of the Algerian society.

Pr. Lahlah Zahraa
The role of creed systems in the installation and dissemination of Al-Ash'ariyah in Algeria (The Algerian System of Ahmed Ben Abdallah Al-Jazairi as a model).




Symposium: "Social Issues within the light of the prophetic biography Safar 1st,2nd 1436AC corresponding to November 23rd,24th2 2014.

Symposium problematic

Symposium programme

Author Name

Participation Title


D . Aboubaker Kafi

Dealing with the phenomenon of decay and negligence within the light of the Prophetic biography.

Dr. Ibrahim Ben Mhia

Treating the unemployment problem through the prophet's biography.


The International Forum: Understanding the Qur'an: between text and reality January 30th 2002 Mouharram 1435 AC / December 3rd 4th 5th, 2013

Forum Problematic

Forum programme

Forum recommendations

Author Name

Participation Title


Teacher .Bachir Othman

Reality and text in the method of objective interpretation"between the theory of Mohammed Bakr al-Sadr and the application ofAbdelhamid Ben Badis."

Dr. Halimi Fateh

Renewing the curriculum of understanding the Qur'an, is it inevitable?

Dr. Djemai Chebaiki

The structure of realistic reading of the Holy Quran text/ The principle of the constant engine.

Teacher. Djihad Khaoula Dambri

Quranic text between interpretation and the future of faiths.

Student Askeratni Rima.

The principle of harmony between the scholars of Qur'an and the scholars of exegesis


Symposium on Sufism in the postmodern horizon

Author Name

Author Title


Dr. Zahra Lahlah

man between sufism and postmodernism

Dr. Ahcen Brama

Reading in Islamic Sufism between the first and sixth centuries hijri

Dr.Souheil Saioud

The irrational trend in postmodern thought

Dr. Abdelmalek Ben Abbas

The meeting of Ibn Arabi and Ibn Rushd in the postmodern horizon

Pr.Soualmi Fatma Flags of suffism in the postmodern horizon " Ibn Atta Allah Al-Iskandari as a model"
Student:Habib Ben Zain The Concept of Postmodernism for Al-Masiri
Awladyahya Fatima Sufism Knowledge in Postmodern Thought "Jalaluddin Rumi is a model"
Ouidah Moustfa Abstract Summary

Symposium: Methods of Religious Texts Interpretation in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Author Name

Participation Title/Abstract


Dr.Ahlem Belatar

Hermeneutics and reading the religious text/ A cognitive approach.

Dr. Boudebban Mohamed

Interpretation of sacred religious texts in Islam and Christianity

Dr.Chahnez Benmouafak

Ibn Ribban al-Tabari methodology in refute the Nicene Creed/Model-

Dr. Chekireb. Assia

Analytical approaches of the Jewish interpretation methods at the stage
between the two covenants- Apocalypse and Al Madrachi Interpretation as a model-

Dr.Laib Youssef

Readings in the christian interpretations of the sacred text.

Pr. Zamouchi Rawia

Halakhic Midrash interpretation methodology
- - Rabbi helil’s rules as a model-

Student. Houda Benlahrach

Targum interpretation approach in the sacred biblical religious texts.

Student. Letrach Soumaya

The importance of TARJOUM in modern textual studies

Student.Zouhra Benali

Spinoza's critique of the sacred book traditional interpretation
Through his holy letter in theology and politics

Student. Aicha Saadi.

Methodology of symbolic interpretation in Christianity and its applications

Student. Ouahiba Kerdoussi

The approach of Rabbi Sa'adia Ja'un in his interpretation of the Genesis book and its impact on the methods of interpreting the Holy Quran

Student.Yassine Naoui

The literal interpretation of the Bible- The school of Antioch; creation and approach-

Student. Oussama Ata Allah

The Method of Textual Analysis in the Interpretation of the New Testament through the Structural Theory of Roland Barthes - The Acts of the Apostles/ Model








  • Problematic,themes and objectives of the conference.
  • Forum recommendations
  • Author Name

    Participation Title/Abstract


    Dr.Hichem Chawki

    Comparison between oral interpretation and Tamazight scriptural interpretation - a reading in the controls, problematics and proposals-

    Lkhdar Chakir

    Dialects' diversity and their impact in the translation of Qur’an into Tamazight language

    Dr.Fateh Halimi

    Dialects' diversity and their impact in the translation of Qur’an into Tamazight language

    Pr. Bachir Kerdoussi
    Problems of translating the Qur'anic discourse

    Dr. Adel Mokrani

    Obstacles of the Holy Qur'an translation into Tamazight language